“Exceptionally interesting pieces for chamber ensemble, solo or duet (piano, percussion, double bass, flute, guitar…) classical in basis, but with jazz and gypsy elements in some pieces."

──  WRUV Reviews


Moto Eterno

"Seldom, in recent years, have I heard a CD of new music as consistently interesting."

──  The Art Music Lounge, Lynn René Bayley

The Four Seasons

"Strongly recommended, especially for those interested in jazz-classical fusions. This is one of a new kind."

──  All Music Guide, James Manheim


Pagan Mass

"A composer who happily works with both electronics and live musicians, Schroeder steers away from the traditional religious aspect of a Mass, describing his work as “a celebration of life forces for the reincarnation of wisdom beyond dogma and doctrine." At times, the work aspires to the plaintive calm of renowned Estonian composer Arvo Part. Suddenly, it turns toward modes of jazz and world music writing, with restlessly percolating rhythms and improvisational-sounding phrases. If it's not one thing, it's another with this piece, a probing quality at the heart of the music."

──  The Los Angeles Time, Michael Dervan

Richter Dance - Rückert Orchestra

"…the work by Pierre Schroeder was notable for aggressive musical gestures, that was carried through with commendable technical sureness."

──  The Irish Time, Michael Dervan


Pagan Mass

"Schroeder’s Mass also has a shadowy feel. The text serves as meditation and prayer, and, like the catholic Mass, seems to resonate with the quietude of the cloister. [...] He sees the Mass as a way to bring more things together, to make a mass for the people" in celebration, socially and spiritually. The gathering of voices, drifting trough time and space from the Balkans, Catholic Europe, West Africa, and America brings a world spirit alive in each section and the whole of the piece. [...] Schroeder called in a number of singers and players to fill out the sounds. And while this can work to the disadvantage of both acoustic and electric instruments, Schroeder handles the combinations deftly throughout."

──  Keyboard Magazine, Titus Levi

Pagan Mass

“With his Pagan Mass, Pierre Schroeder celebrates humanity as opposed to divinity. The piece is essentially spiritual, if neither liturgically true nor conventionally sacred. [...] repeated listening revealed an imaginative musical craftsman at work, capable of evoking real wonder, mystery, reverence, and celebration. [...] Sound quality is rich and spacious."

──  American Record Guide, Lindsay Koob 


©John Ritter

Tomorrow’s AiR

"Special attention should be paid to the work of Pierre Schroeder's “Late Harvest", conceived for string instruments, clarinet and piano, where the interplay of chamber music sonorities, with certain reminiscences of twentieth-century European approaches, endows the composition of a highly creative final balance."

──  Sonograma


“This evocative symphonic poem was inspired by Plato's tale of a continent, ruled by the god Poseidon and his human son Atlas, that "in one day and one night of destruction, in great earthquakes and floods, sank beneath the sea and vanished". Each of the three large parts contains three movements. In an opening "Atlantis" Plato's words tell the story in narrative style. The compelling, urgent music certainly brings Carmina Burana to mind. Atlantis is gone forever in Part 3. The finale, also titled "the Sea & the Memory" is all deep, far-off sounds."

──  American Record Guide


Moto Eterno

"…and “Glimmer” follows with a playful, orchestral approach that alternates between a quick, bouncy pace and calm ebbs of beauty."

──  Take Effect

Moto Eterno

"Music crosses us upstream and downstream. Only musicians know how to steal sparks from what would otherwise remain silent."

──  Catherine Thouvenin

Pagan Mass

"Featuring an amazing mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments, this beautifully composed work is — in a word — inspirational.

Classical music for the new millennium."

──  Fibre Records


©2021 Pierre Schroeder